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Bar Urgull

Enjoy the tasty gourmet breakfasts served in our coffee bar, made with the region’s finest quality, freshest and most natural produce.


When bread is the star of the show

We know the importance of having good bread on the table. That’s why we bring the best bread every day from Galparsoro, the new bread and pastry artisans with a capital letter in San Sebastián.


Fresh and healthy

We’d love you to try our refreshing and healthy smoothies, the true extracts of natural produce that will help you to keep in shape while enjoying intense and delicious flavours.


Natural food tastes better

Our fruit and vegetables are grown and harvested using environmentally friendly techniques to minimise human impact; they are produced in the most natural way possible. We like tomatoes that taste of tomatoes, and oranges that taste of oranges.


Cheesecake the way granny made it

Things made at home, lovingly, always taste better. We make homemade biscuits that are the envy of many pastry chefs, not to mention sponges and a succulent cheesecake you’ll only find here, at the SANSEbay.